AV Information for speakers

We would like to inform you that each meeting room will be equipped with a PC and a data projector for PowerPoint presentations only. You can review your presentation at the speakers’ service centre (SSC), where it must be handed in at least one hour before your lecture, either via memory stick, CD-Rom, zip drive or your own laptop.

Further details and hints for computer based projections:

1. Preparation

  • Store ALL your files in a unique folder (especially videos)
  • Please use an 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Avoid animations and make sure video(s) play automatically when slide is displayed
  • Colours: use light-coloured fonts for texts (white/yellow) on dark backgrounds or vice versa. A strong contrast is important for good legibility
  • Legibility check: step back 1.5 m from your computer, the text should be easily readable on presentation mode (if not, you are using a too small font!)
  • PowerPoint & Windows Versions from 95 to XP and 2007 and 2010 may be used

 2. How to transport your MS-PowerPoint file to the Speakers Service Centre (SSC)

  • On memory stick, CD-Rom, or your own laptop with USB-port

 3. In the Speakers Service Centre (SSC)

  • Please come to the SSC at least one hour before your lecture!
  • Hostesses will be happy to welcome you in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to help you submit/finalise your presentation
  • Highly experienced and skilled technicians will capture your presentation and store it on a server
  • You then check your presentation with the assistance of a technician
  • Technicians will help you with PowerPoint and will ensure that your changes are updated on the specific server

 4. In the lecture room

  • Via network your presentation is made available in your lecture room, on a presentation computer operated by a technician
  • There will be no possibility to connect your laptop at the lectern in the lecture rooms
  • No overhead or slide projectors in the lecture rooms; no double projection
  • No change in presentation in the lecture room by the technician or the speaker