11–14 September 2018

Congress Center Basel


BASEL LIFE Innovation Forums

The Innovation Forums investigate how to apply research findings for biotechnology and therapeutic advancement. The 2018 program brings  11 exciting forum programs.  Three forums explore topics in policy and  health: Advances in Aging and Drug Discovery, applications of ArtificialIntelligence, and holistic behaviour change models in Basel Agenda. We highlight specific therapeutics in the forums on Peptide Therapeutics (small peptides), Bio-therapeutics (antibodies) and Antibiotics

As Chemistry is an integral part of health, the MedicinalChemistry forum covers special topics in the field. The Microfluidics forum and the GeneEditing forum, highlight these very important technologies empowering the next generation of diagnostics and therapeutics in biology. Advances in Genomics has been a strong program highlighting the exciting advances bringing personalized medicine to patients’ doorstep. This year, the team is looking at the next hurdle in genomics which is data sharing using blockchain technologies. 

Finally a new forum the Women in Science program will bring together stellar speakers and activities to discuss issues for women in our industry.