11–14 September 2018

Congress Center Basel

Antibiotics brought by NTN SwissBiotech

Wednesday 12 September 2018

14.15 – 16.45

Innovation Forums

Antibiotics brought by NTN Swiss Biotech

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of pathogenic bacteria is an emerging global health problem, which threatens the achievements of modern medicine. For several decades, lack of economic incentives prevented companies to develop novel antimicrobial drugs. Today, an increasing number of bacterial infections cannot be cured with the existing arsenal of antibiotics due to the spread of multidrug resistant strains. The forum “Antibiotics”, organized by NTN SwissBiotech, brings together leaders in the field of antibiotic development from academia and industry to discuss technical innovations in order to overcome the AMR crisis. The invited speakers focus on novel concepts and targets to treat multidrug resistant pathogens.

Markus Seeger (UZH, Zurich, Switzerland)
Eric Kübler (FHNW, Basel, Switzerland)

CAL02, a unique broad-spectrum toxin trap
Samareh Azeredo da Silveira Lajaunias (Combioxin SA, Geneva, Switzerland)

The return of the Trojan Horse: an update on siderophore-drug conjugates
Thilo Köhler (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Discovery of rare anti-BamA antibodies with growth inhibitory activity
James Koerber (Genentech Inc., South San Francisco, United States)

Dynamics of the soil resistome
Pascal Simonet (University of Lyon, Lyon, France)

Tolerance as a potential reservoir for the development of antibiotic resistance
Urs Jenal (University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland)

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