9–12 September 2019

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The Louis-Jeantet Prizes

Every year, the Louis-Jeantet Prizes distinguish leading-edge researchers who are active in the member states of the Council of Europe.

As one of the best-endowed awards in Europe, the Louis-Jeantet Prizes foster scientific excellence. They are not intended solely as the recognition of work that has been completed, but also to encourage the continuation of innovative research projects. When the research being recognised is close to practical applications for combating illnesses affecting humankind, one of the Louis-Jeantet Prizes converts into a Jeantet-Collen Prize for Translational Medicine, supported by generous donations from the Désiré Collen Stichting.

Established in 1986, the Louis-Jeantet Prizes have thus far been awarded to 90 researchers: 27 in the United Kingdom; 17 in Switzerland; 15 in Germany; 14 in France; 4 in Sweden; 3 in the Netherlands; 2 each in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Norway and Italy. Among the 90 prize-winning researchers, 12 subsequently won the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine, or the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

Since 1986, a total sum of more than CHF 60m has been awarded by the Foundation to the 90 prize-winners for the continuation of their work.

Futher information about the Louis-Jeantet Foundation can be found here.

The Louis- Jeantet Foundation

Founded in 1983, the Louis-Jeantet Foundation is the legacy of Louis Jeantet, a French businessman and a citizen of Geneva by adoption. Its aim is to move medicine forward and to defend the role and identity of European biomedical research vs. international competition. Established in Geneva, the Foundation is part of an open Europe and devotes its efforts to recognizing and fostering medical progress for the common good.

The Louis-Jeantet Foundation allocates some CHF 3m each year to promoting biomedical research. It invests this sum for European and for local research projects. At the local level, the Foundation encourages teaching and the development of research at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva.


Since 2010, EMBO and the Louis-Jeantet Foundation jointly promote the leading-edge research work of the winners of the Louis-Jeantet Prizes. In this context, the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine features special contributions by the prize-winners and hosts the Louis-Jeantet prize-winners' lectures given during the annual EMBO Congress.