9–12 September 2019

Congress Center Basel


The Innovation Forums investigate how to apply research findings for biotechnology and therapeutic advancement. The 2019 program brings  10 exciting forum programs.  

Three forums explore topics in policy and  health: Advances in Aging and Drug Discovery, applications of Artificial Intelligence, and Innovating in Healthcare - Global Health Data Sharing.

We highlight specific therapeutics in the forums on Peptide Therapeutics (small peptides), Biotherapeutics (antibodies) and Antibiotic Resistance

The Microfluidics forum and the Genome Editing (CRISPR/Cas9) forums advance these very important technologies empowering the next generation of diagnostics and therapeutics in biology.

The forum Advances in 3 R addresses the issue how to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments by using in-vitro models and tools, based on the latest science and technologies. And, last but not least, the Cellular Allergy forum addresses cell based approaches to support development of therapeutic and in-vitro diagnostic modalities in allergic diseases.