9–12 September 2019

Congress Center Basel

Cellular allergy


Thursday, 12 September 2019


Michael A. Gerspach (BÜHLMANN Laboratories, Switzerland)
Christian B. Gerhold (BÜHLMANN Laboratories, Switzerland)


Allergic reactions are common phenomena during which the immune system overreacts to typically harmless substances from the environment. These hypersensitivities are mostly mediated by IgE antibodies that recognize the allergen and then trigger a cellular reaction that may lead to a severe and possibly lethal anaphylactic shock.
This innovation forum at BASEL LIFE 2019 on cellular allergy shall be a platform to present cutting-edge research on cellular allergy and its implication in immunotherapy together with novel in vitro approaches in allergy diagnostics and therapy monitoring. The transition from in vivo oral food challenges or skin-prick tests to in vitro assays based on basophil activation as well as expected FDA clearances of oral immunotherapies are current game changers in allergy diagnostics and treatment. Additionally, the role of IgE directed immunotherapy (Omalizumab, Xolair®) as stand-alone and synergistic treatment will be discussed. Concomitant monitoring of therapy success with ex vivo challenges is expected to alleviate the burden on allergy patients significantly. The basophil activation test provokes a patient-specific allergic reaction in a test tube mediated by PI3 like kinase signaling of blood cells. This allows its application beyond allergy monitoring as for instance the Bruton’s kinase inhibitor Ibrutinib (IMBRUVICA®), which is used to treat various lymphoma and leukemia, was discovered using a basophil stimulation assay. Therefore, the innovation forum also aims to present novel discoveries in cellular allergy signaling and their exploitation beyond allergy treatment.

Forum Part 1: Novel strategies for allergy treatment and monitoring Chair: Dr. Michael A. Gerspach (BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG)

Forum Part 2: Cellular signaling in allergy and beyond Chair: Dr. Christian B. Gerhold (BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG)