9–12 September 2019

Congress Center Basel

Innovating in healthcare - global health data sharing


Wednesday, 11 September 2019


Bhupinder Bhullar (Swiss Vault Systems, Switzerland)
Thomas Brenzikofer (, Switzerland)


Healthcare is facing an uncertain future. People are living longer, costs are rising and patients are demanding a different experience. The cost to discover new medicines is skyrocketing, and efficacy of these treatments is regularly being questions by reimbursement authorities. The future of healthcare is focusing on Precision Medicine to decrease costs and increase efficacy. Precision medicine utilizes the patient’s health data to define a personalized signature for individualized treatment. But what the field lacks to move forward significantly is access to sufficient data to elucidate signatures of states of human health.

The ability to exchange genome and other health data can have multiple benefits to advance healthcare. Stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, like academics, pharmaceutical corporations, insurers, and governments, can get population molecular data to develop health care programs (new drugs, reimbursement models, national programs). Patients can get preventative healthcare based on diagnosis of biomarkers that might predispose them to disease. New business models can be developed based on needs of rare diseases communities, for example. Leading to overall better health, lower costs, increased productivity and longevity.