9–12 September 2019

Congress Center Basel

Innovation Forum presentations

Available presentations from 2018

Aging and drug discovery

  • Quantifying and manipulating mammalian NAD synthesis| J. Baur
  • Fucoxanthin from the point of criteria of geroprotector| A. Moskalev
  • Commercializing the science of aging biology| S. J. Olshansky
  • Multi-stage longevity therapeutics to fight aging at every level| I. V. Ozerov

Antibiotics brought by NTN Swiss Biotech

  • CAL02, a unique broad-spectrum toxin trap| S. Azeredo da Silveira Lajaunias
  • Dynamics of the soil resistome| P. Simonet

Artificial Intelligence and blockchain in healthcare

  •  Leveraging the Blockchain from Bench to Bedside - How It Can Benefit the Patient| V. de Biasi
  • Deep learning and synthetic data for healthcare| S. Nikolenko
  • Protein engineering from AI perspective: a 4 million molecule knowledge graph for rapid assessment of therapeutic peptide developability| K. Tamiola
  • How Blockchain Technology applied to Audit Trail Records improves Quality and Data Integrity| B. Widler

Basel Agenda - Best practice cases with superior behavior in diabetes care

  • Behavioral change with the "digital pill"| M. Heuberger


  • Antibody discovery at Syngene: multiple platforms for multiple scenarios| P. Chatterjee
  • Balancing selectivity and efficacy of bispecific antibodies| L. Toleikis

From personalised to global health

  • The global alliance for TB drug development – Personalized medicine towards fighting antibiotics resistance| D. M. Cirillo
  • Multidimensional characterization of expanded unconventional T cells in malaria vaccination and controlled infection| C. Daubenberger
  • From personalised to global health| D. Horgan
  • Developing new products for vulnerable populations in low income countries - the example of Medicines for Malaria Venture| J. J. Möhrle
  • Access to precision medicines in oncology - health policy and legal implications| K. N. Vokinger

Genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9) in drug discovery

  • Unraveling biology and identifying targets with functional genomics approaches supported by LentiArray CRISPR library screens| J. Chesnut
  • Genome editing tools for iPSC-based disease modeling| W. Hendriks

Genomics, blockchain smart contracts and the healthcare data sharing economy

  • Systemic oversight: a new governance approach for big data in medicine    A. Blassime
    The Oonida Project|  A. Bushell
  • Collaborative research leveraging blockchain and decentralised data| S. Buergel
  • Blockchain beyond the hype: what are the real use cases for health data| O. Fogliadini
  • Data and technology as transformational force – a perspective from health insurance| Y. Gröninger
  • Democratizing the health data ecosystem – The citizens as the ultimate data aggregators| E. Hafen

Medicinal chemistry

  •  Can a computer design a drug?| J. G. Cumming
  • Fishing for compound targets using CRISPR-mediated bar-coded deletion collections| D. Hoepfner

Microfluidics and microenvironment workshop

  • Understanding the unique cellular microenvironment: How emerging technologies are enabling a new approach to research and medicine| M. Gilligan

Peptide therapeutics

  •  Antibody Targeted Amanitin Conjugates (ATACs): expanding the ADC landscape with a new payload targeting RNA polymerase II | C. Lutz
  • Unlocking the power of D-peptides| B. Welch

Women in science – The power of FeMale innovation

  •  Academic perspective on FeMale collaboration and Swiss culture| B. Borisch