11–14 September 2018

Congress Center Basel


BASEL LIFE Innovation Forums 2018

The Innovation Forums will advance the applied and translational aspects of research topics with presentations and discussions by leading scientists.  The Forums will cover a diverse range of topics,  ranging from best practices of cutting-edge methodologies (e.g., Next Generation Sequencing, Protein Production), advances in Life Sciences technologies (e.g., Microfluidics, Biocatalysis, Peptide Therapeutics), applications of emerging research (e.g., Synthetic Biology, Stem Cells, Gene Editing), new standards in science communication (e.g. Digital Biomarkers, Innovating MedComs), community development of topics (Basel Agenda on Digital Transformation of Disease Management) and core elements for the development of new therapeutics (e.g., Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery Technologies). With over 100 talks in 10+ Forums, 150 poster presentations, the Innovation Forums will provide a wonderful opportunity to network among diverse professionals over the 3-day event.