11–14 September 2018

Congress Center Basel

Genomics, block-chain smart contracts and the healthcare data sharing economy


Friday, 14 September 2018


Bhupinder Bhullar (Swiss Vault Systems, Basel, Switzerland)
Daniel Gutierrez (Genebook, Basel, Switzerland)


Healthcare data is growing at an exponential rate. For example, current estimates suggest 500 million whole genomes sequenced by 2030, generating approximately 500 Exabytes of data, which is larger than all current global data repositories. In addition, Terabytes of data are being collected from wearable devices. However, insights for preventative health and care remain to be unlocked from these rich data sources. This forum will bring together stakeholders from across the value chain (pharma, hospitals, insurers, patient groups) to discuss how to build an ecosystem to unleash the power of this data. This ecosystem should connect the data owners (hospital, or individual patients as the lowest common denominator), to data analyzers (i.e. the algorithm developers), and the data users (companies paying for these insight to develop the best-in-class competitive products and services). We will hear from these stakeholders as the future landscape for how health and care is disrupted.