11–14 September 2018

Congress Center Basel

Women in science

Women in science – The power of FeMale innovation


Thursday, 13 September 2018


Bejal Joshi (Plush Communique, Basel, Switzerland)
Jolanda Groenhuijzen (MyLanda, Basel, Switzerland)


In order to enhance future scientific focus and significant breakthroughs we need to foster a shift in culture, as diversity and inclusion becomes more important than ever in the search for groundbreaking innovation. BASEL LIFE 2018 will host its first Women in Science forum and strives to encourage and empower Female collaboration to fuel inspired and cutting-edge research.
The Women in Science 2018 Forum is a call to action with a focus on collaborative achievements as well as portraying women who are an integral part of the innovative force across the scientific spectrum. Encouraging women to enter the disciplines of science, engineering and computing can help to transform these fields into places where more women – and men – want to be. This matters as diversity in the workforce contributes to creativity, productivity, and innovation. Everyone’s experiences should inform and guide the direction of science and technical innovation.
We hope the day will motive you to share your moments of passion and empowerment that have created and changed your ‘science’.