11–14 September 2018

Congress Center Basel

List of Exhibitors

The following companies are exhibiting at the BASEL LIFE MipTec exhibition 2018:

B43   abcr GmbH
C52   Agilent Technologies (Schweiz) AG
B54   Analytik Jena AG
A46   Andrew Alliance
C54   Artel
D53   Bachem AG
D43   Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
C41   bio-techne
B44   BioTek Instruments GmbH
A24   BMG Labtech GmbH
A52   Brooks Life Sciences
C34   Bucher Biotec AG
A43   Carl Zeiss AG
D27   Chemspeed Technologies AG
B41   Cognex
B45   Covaris Ltd.
D45   CSEM
C46   EQUIcon
A26   Fluidic Analytics
A53   Fritz Gyger AG
A40   Hamamatsu Photonics France
B40   INTEGRA Biosciences AG
D28   Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
B26   Lab Services bv
A48   Molecular Devices
D61   Nanolive SA
C40   OLS Omni Life Science GmbH
B52   Quantifoil Instruments GmbH
C45   Sartorious
D51   SiLA Consortium
C56   Sysmex Suisse AG
C53   Thermo Fisher Scientific
A39   Vaudaux-Eppendorf AG